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Friday, 30 June 2006



Now that's the way to sun yourself!!!! Boy don't think this ole back will do that though!!! too cute!!! caught one of ours outside yesterday draped over a pillow that was on top of an old metal milk crate!!(don't ask!!) but moved before I could get the camera!! they are a true source of entertainment!!! and cheap too!!! have a great day dear!

Judy Merrill-Smith

Hi! I've been reading your blog recently, and I enjoy it very much. LOVED your cat picture! You should transfer it to fabric and sew it into a purse or something. Great fun! Thanks for the smile, Judy

denise t.

my fat cat has pushed out the same 2 screen windows twice so far this season...with dh repairing them, but not changing back from plastic mesh to the stronger metal mesh... at some point he will give in and buy the metal mesh... the cat seems to have the push-out technique down pat...hee,hee, needs a belly snorggle.


Denise: Going to metal mesh won't help if your cat is just pushing the screen out. That means he's pulling the spline out of the frame channel. Try using an aluminum "no push" grille from Home Depot.


Linda: great source of entertainment indeed . . . we don't watch TV, we watch cats!

Judy: Hi, glad to meet you! I may just try printing it on fabric; I think I have some around here somwhere . . .

Denise/Brian: Unless, of course, he's doing what Maggie did last year: lay in the open window and roll against the screen until it comes out and falls on the ground under the window, followed by one very surprised cat. . . we finally just nailed it on. We have metal mesh in the back door screens, but Victoria climbs up and pulls it out, so we cheated this year: we just cut one big piece and thumbtacked it over both openings. It looks kind of tacky (oooohh, BAD pun . . . sorry), but I don't care. It'll be easy to replace.

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