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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Judith McCarthy

OHHHH! This is great!!!Love those colours. We are in the end of Autumn here, so the trees are covered in yellows and orange!!This beading is sensational!!

Judy Edmonds

Love it! I normally HATE orange but this is wonderful. Makes my tired heart sing :)


Another absolute BEAUTY! I think, besides the gorgeous design of your beading, my favorite thing is the lil' surprise 'pop' of the purple beads on that one edge! Anita, you are REALLLLLLLLLY good at these! LOVE THEM! The one you sent me is displayed in a shadow box because I treasure it! (Note: Did you ever receive that skein of yarn? LOL!)

Robin Atkins

Wow and bigger WOW!!!! Poppies are one of my totally favorite flowers and look at this!!!! You've captured the delicate beauty and colors of the poppy so completely. Everything about this is happy for me... I've saved the picture in my MOST FAVORITE BEADING file! You and Flora Poppaea rock!

Robin A.


I have to say I wasn't a big fan of bright orange and yellow in previous years, since letting myself play more with my crafts and art projects I've found there isn't one color I don't like any more... they all have merit, some I just like more. LOL.
That said... this piece is just wonderful. I love the way you used the colors with the purple on the side it all just pops, love the little details you used like the flowers, glass rings, and loop fringe around the face. What a fun, joyful work for the month!

Margaret Sutherland

Oh yum...i love orange and this piece just sings with that color. Lovely, lovely!


I love your beaded journal pieces they are awesome.

Pam Snow

Your bead work is stunning. I've been lax on checking your blog and I'm enjoying my visit today. Beautiful garden. I envy you. Nothing grows here in the summer. Temperature was 109 today. I'm hoping to keep a few plants watered and in the shade. Hoping they will survive.

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