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Tuesday, 08 January 2013


Trudy Abernathy Neill

Hi Anita, I am so glad to read this post. I am a firm believer in visitations....and have experienced them myself. They give us hope and something to hang onto. There has not been one day since his passing that I have not thought of you and prayed for you. I knew how hard the holidays would be this year. I do hope you and the animals are well and staying warm. You were lucky to have had the chance to marry John and find such a fellow soul. Still say I wish we were near to help you. Love, Trudy and Dave.


Echoing what Trudy said & please know that I am REALLY glad to see this post because I've been worried about you. I, too believe in visits from those who have crossed over. My grandparents (the Comanche ones) crossed in 1960 - 2 days apart - when I was ten. I've NEVER been 'officially' visited by my Kaku but she is always with me. However, my grandfather has visited SO many times over the years. I always know when he's around because I smell the sage & sweetgrass first, then the wood shavings (he carved things) before he ever 'speaks' to me. I'm GLAD John visited you. He will again - many times. Maybe he will come to you different ways, but you'll learn to recognize him in all the ways. I LOVE you. That's for all time, my friend!

Mary Ann

My dad visited me after he passed away to say everything was okay. I was asleep and I woke up and I swear he was in the room with me. It gave me such peace. I was so saddened to hear of your husband's passing but he will always be with you in your heart and soul.

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I was visited by a dear friend after she died, so I do believe John visited you, too. Sending much love.


Echoing what the others said, Anita. Take good care.

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Dear Anita, visiting here after a while away and am only just picking up the shock of John's death. I'm so sorry, and like others, I do believe this was a visitation to share the beauty.
Thinking of you.

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